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November 29, 2017 // Chris Edwards

Today is an exciting day for the CE Squared team! We have rebranded ourselves as Data Driven Labs! We are the same great company, same ownership, and same team, but now with a new name and a refreshed brand!

What Will Change?

Besides our look, nothing will change. Ownership, our team, and our offerings will all remain. In the coming months, we will be adding additional services related to understanding your data such as Google Analytics Audits, Custom Analytic Dashboards, Analytics Implementation and A/B Testing for Conversion Rate Optimization.

Why The Name Change?

We have been known as CE Squared for the past 3 years, so why would we change our name now? We wanted to better convey who we are now. Our original name, CE Squared, came about 3 years ago when a husband and wife team, Chris and Cassandra (Sandy) Edwards needed to create a legal entity to run side freelance projects through. For many years, we had been running freelance individually and wanted to combine everything for tax and legal reasons. We came up with the name CE Squared, which is our initials “CE” then “Squared” because there were two of us.

This side business started to grow and became something much bigger and much more exciting. We went from being a side business to a full-fledged agency consisting of multiple team members. We were no longer just a husband and wife team. Our name did not convey what type of business we were in. Since the beginning, we have been a company focused on data-driven marketing. We wanted a name and brand that made this clear. Data Driven Labs was born!

The New Brand

We came up with what we found to be a great name and great domain, but nothing else. With CE Squared, branding was never an item we made time for. Our schedules stayed busy and we always considered our branding just OK. In August of 2017, we updated our website to better showcase our offerings, however, we still did not clean up our original branding.

With our new name, we wanted a newly refreshed brand to go with it. We consulted with several branding and business experts who loved the new name but agreed the name would only be as good as the branding behind it. We wanted to seek out the best branding experts we could find, which led us to Hatch130.

Hatch130 was not new to us, we have been working with them on several projects over the past year. They have done branding and website design for several large companies, including a multi-billion dollar hospital network and several large universities. When it comes to branding, these guys are the goto company.

The Logo

Hatch130 worked tirelessly to meet our near-impossible deadline. First, came the logo. Their team provided us several amazing options, however, we found one design that explained everything we wanted in one simple image. This was the point where we started to really get excited and know we made the right choice in Hatch130.

The Business Cards

One of the reasons we rushed our rebranding efforts were to be ready in time for WordCamp US, the largest WordPress Conference in the United States. Sandy Edwards, a co-owner here at Data Driven Labs, would be giving a talk at WordCamp US and the rest of the Data Driven Labs would also be in attendance. To push our new brand, we needed business cards that would impress. Yes, the logo was already great, but, we needed business cards that would blow people away. We gave Hatch130 one instruction, make a business card that you would want to keep and not just throw away. They didn’t let us down. They came back with 3 concepts, all great concepts but ultimately the first concept was the winner.

The Website

The website was where we got to really test the skills of Hatch130. Because we just did a redesign of our websites, and due to the limited amount of time, a full website rebuild would not be able to happen. We asked the team at Hatch130 to build a style guide that we could implement across our current website. We honestly didn’t think this turn out great, but, due to time constraints, we knew it would be the only way to make our deadline.

Wow, Hatch130 came back with a style guide that defined everything we needed. We have worked with many designers and style guides are often very vague, however, this style guide started to come to life as we implemented it.

What Is In Data Driven Labs Future?

Our focus will continue to be on creating data-driven products for our clients at an affordable price. We have always strived to find ways to lower our overhead so we can pass our savings on to our clients, offering enterprise-level services at a small business price point.

New Products

Over the past few years, our team has been offering data services to clients as an add-on to other services. This would include installing Google analytics, auditing analytics setups, a/b testing and even creating custom dashboards to help companies visualize their data.

We believe all aspects of your digital marketing should be based on data and should never be an afterthought or add-on. To make this easier, we are going to break these services out into their own products starting in quarter 1 of 2018.

More Talks, Webinars & Education

We love to share our knowledge of analytics, WordPress and digital marketing with the world. In 2017, our team had given over 15 different talks at conferences all around the US and several online webinars.

We believe education is very important and in 2018, the Data Driven Labs team will be speaking at more conferences and holding more webinars. In addition, we will be aiming in the second quarter of 2018 to publishing weekly free videos on YouTube educating business owners on everything data related.

More Involvement In Our Community

A core belief at Data Driven Labs is to shop locally and support small businesses in your community. Our team will be focusing on sponsoring more events in our local community and helping small businesses succeed in their community.

What are your thoughts on our new brand?

We would love to hear what you think of our new brand and also love to hear some feedback of where you would like to see from us as we continue to grow.

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