BEWARE Call From Google Business Listings is Fake

Over the past several months, we have been receiving robocalls daily from a recorded message claiming that our Google Business Listing may not be claimed or verified. As a digital marketing company that focuses on local SEO, we immediately knew this call was fake. If you stay on the line long enough, this call presents you with 2 options. Option 1 is to speak to someone about your Google Business Listing and option 2 is to be removed from the list. Today, I decided to press 1 and find out more about this shady practice and to find out if they are a scam.

Fake Google Business Listings Call Is Very Shady

Once I was connected, a representative asked me to verify that I am the owner of “insert business name here” which was actually a business I ran many years ago with a partner. Even though I no longer am part of this business, I decided to play along to discover more about this call to find out if it is a scam or something else. The representative asked me what type of service we offer and not thinking, I told him we offer “Digital Marketing” services. Immediately he told me that we do not need a Google Business Listing for that type of service.

I decided to push a little more, as I still have not discovered if this was a scam. I asked him directly if this was a scam. He then told me that they are a company which you pay to claim your Google Business Listing. After speaking with him, I did realize they are not a scam in the legal sense, however, they are running a very shady and unethical practice.

This caller never Identifies themselves as Google, however, they never state they’re not Google. Rather, their representatives act as if they are “looking you up in the system” to give you the illusion that you are talking to someone at Google. Once they find your Google Business Listing is not claimed, they will then proceed to sell you a service to claim your listing for you. Unfortunately, I could not get to this point to find out how much they were charging or discover their true identity.

These companies claim to be a Google Authorized group that can claim your listing. This is not true. Anyone can claim their listing, no group is “Google Authorized” to claim your listings.

Protect Yourself From Non-Legitimate Phone Calls From Google

Google has created a page about this phone call from Google Business Listings to help you understand how to spot them. From time to time, Google may call you to verify your business or confirm business listings. This is something they will do, however, they do provide these items that Google does not do.

Google does NOT:

  • Charge you for inclusion in Google My Business or Google Search. It is free to add your site for both of these.
  • Offer to improve your search ranking or manage your business’s online profile. If you are interested in this type of service, Data Driven Labs offers Local Search Optimization packages.
  • Ask you for your password or verification code. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Never give this information to anyone who calls you. Google will never need this information.
  • Place robocalls.

Google provides a page of information on current scams that are running including telemarketing scams.

Who Are They

First, realize, these companies are not Google. These type of calls, known as robocalls, are illegal in the United States as defined by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Google has nothing to do with them. These are unethical “marketing” companies that are trying to sell you marketing plans for verification packages. While selling services to help companies claim their listings is a legitimate service, the approach these companies take is what makes this unethical.

Google has even gone as far as filing a lawsuit against one of these unethical “marketing” companies. The suit is still working itself out, but, the suit claims that the marketing company is making false or misleading claims during the sales process to confuse consumers into believing there is some type of relationship between them and Google.

Update 9/27/2017: We received another call from 407-549-0720 and were able to gather additional information. They stated that they are a Google Authorized group who will take down your information and claim your listing as Google only works with Fortune 500 companies and that Google has authorized companies such as them to work with small and medium-sized businesses. When I asked the name of their company, they told us that they are “PDS”, a Google Listings Authorized company.

Be aware, this is not true. You can claim your listing on your own. Google will even deal with you via their support system, regardless of the size of your business. This is a straight lie, do not fall for this Google listings scam.

Update 2/6/2018: Today we received a call from another company. She quickly claimed that our listing had become unlisted in February of 2016 (not true) and is scheduled for deletion (again another lie). I asked her if they are Google just to see if they would lie here. She did say they are not Google but a “Google Certified Partner”. I then asked the name of the company, she stated their name was “Local Listings”. After some further digging on the call, I was able to get her to admit she was with Mainstreet Marketing out of Cedar City, Utah.

Please realize, Mainstreet Marketing is not calling on behalf of Google. They are very careful in how they disguise themselves just skirting past the law. The fact I had to push to get their real name shows Mainstreet Marketing knows their service is not ethical. In the Google product forms, we found one user who had this lie told to them:

I received a call today from “Mainstreet Marketing” informing me that my business has been flagged for removal. They told me that I must pay a “lifetime fee” of $359.00 to keep my business listing active.

This is not true. Google will not require you to pay for your Google Business Listing to remain active. Your Google listing is free and can be managed and optimized by you, the business owner at no cost.

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  1. Total Scam Alert – – – Our company too, received a call from this number 847-238-8226 stating that they were with PDS, who subcontracts with Google for verifying small business’ google listings. The floor manager by the name of John would not provide much more information about the name of their company PDS, or give me a call back number or website to verify who they were or what they do. I believe that this number is coming from a malicious group who are looking to steal data from small business or individuals. I too agree that this business is unethical.

  2. Same here in NY. All the lady would tell me is that her company name is PDS, and when I pushed for further information such as their address or details, she simply hung up. How can we get them to stop calling us?

    • Getting them to stop calling is difficult. They should have a way for you to request to be removed from their list, however, because they are skirting by the law and some are even breaking the law, they don’t always offer up a way out. If you can locate their actual company, you can file a complaint, however, since they are hiding this information, it is difficult.

  3. Just dealt with these people. I asked for name of company they gave me name, I asked for address and she got belligerent that i was asking to many questions. Her name was Leah and wow did she get feisty in a flash. we receive multiple calls like these every day. using Googles name in the first few seconds of a robo call is wrong. I hung up on her as she elevated the tone extra fast. can’t believe some people what a shady fear based way to make a buck.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, they get very upset with you. We had another one today, when I asked if they were Google, they said they are a Google Certified Partner for Business Listings (FYI, Google has Certified partners for Analytics and Adwords, not business listings). When I asked the name she said “Local Listings” I asked out of where and she said Utah. I then said I can’t find them online and she said their DBA is Mainstreet Marketing out of Cedar City, Utah.

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